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SpikeTV’s VGA 2009 Winners

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 by Ryan L. Lopees

If you missed SpikeTV’s airing of the 2009 Video Game Awards, don’t worry.. it’s Spike. They will play it another 20 times before the month is up. However, if you want to skip all the hub-bub and just get down to the winners, I am more than happy to give you the summary, with a twist. See, I don’t always agree with the “winners”, but I also don’t feel like I am anyone special to make my own “Best of” list. Instead, I just offer my “Editor’s Choice”. Like I said, I don’t always agree with the chosen “winners” and this is just something as simple as what I prefered. Also included with the “Editor’s Choice” is a quick score here from Gamers Platform, even if we haven’t gotten the reviews posted. Yay us! Bear in mind, those are my personaly scores, not my writers. I like to let them have their own say in things like that.

Note: Individual tastes may vary. The views expressed in this article specifically do represent Gamers Platform and its parent affiliation The GameTechWorld Network. If they didn’t I wouldn’t be writing them here, would I? I honestly never have gotten the point of all those disclaimers. Pansies. Anyway, the winners are…


Call of Duty: Modern Scandal 2

Thursday, November 5th, 2009 by Ryan L. Lopees

So it looks like either Activision or Infinity Ward have really set out for themselves to create a really, really foul precident regarding the latest installment in the Call of Duty series. If you’ve been living in a cave, been without power or otherwise just not around a computer then perhaps you’ve not heard the shenanigans going down with Modern Warfare 2. Well, let’s see if I can sum it up in a nutshell here for you since the story in multi-fold. What gives?

Ridiculous Pricing, forced software usage, dedicated servers yes/no/yes/no/who knows depending on the day, craptacular mutliplayer game browser… Want more?


Spam invades the PSN

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 by Ryan L. Lopees

After receiving my 5th chaiin letter spam today I opted to stop by and post a brief PSA:


There are always rumours persistent in the gaming industry and there’s not much we can do about it. However, we can opt choose to not aid said rumours along. Recently it would appear that the Playstation Network has fallen prey to the latest rumour machine: The PSN Chain Letter. Gang, these letters are about as legitmate as those emails you get promising to increase the size of that certain part of the male body. You know, I know it, we all know. Why bother to propagate these things?

Beyond the list of “free prizes if you send this crap to enough people” spam messages that have been flying around the PSN as of late we can now add to the rumour-mill that Sony has “confirmed” a fee to use the PSN. I have four letters for you: Bunk. No such confirmation has been made. I am not saying that there won’t be fees down the road, but they have made no such announcements as of yet.

For those of you that choose to believe these rumours at face value, please contact me as soon as possible. I have a bridge to the moon for sale.

Night of the Living DLC! In Colorvision!

Thursday, October 8th, 2009 by The ReanimatedFish

The Day of the DLC

More and more these days, I find myself lusting after a certain kind of game. Simple, earnest games that developers thoughtfully deliver straight to my console or PC with no shipping and handling or gas expenditure required. I’ll try and limit my topics to venues I’m currently familiar with, such as the Xbox Live Arcade, Wii Shop Channel and Steam.


Oh noes! Not the Capital!

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 by Ryan L. Lopees

So it looks like some sort of fume and fuss might be going down in regards to the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 trailer. In the interest of objective journalism (and the desire to promote this title with whatever sort of publicity possible) I bring to you the debate: Is the scene of a destroyed US Capital too much for the post 9/11 crowd? Some people are starting to act as if it is. Between you, me and everyone else reading this, I am calling BULLS*^T. 1- The American people, for all our faults, are stronger than that. 2- It’s a piece of fictional work, God forbid we have those based on anything from reality!

Well, what say you? Too much? Too little? Too stupid? In case you missed it, you can see the trailer again here.

Because I Give Credit Where Credit is Due… Part Deux

Friday, April 24th, 2009 by Ryan L. Lopees

While I am known for my profane tirades when dealing with electronics manufacturers who fail me (see- Alienware, Asus, HP, Dell… oh the list could go on forever) and I am definitely one of “those” consumers who you absolutely hate have call you if you are some hapless Customer Service Representative (Yes, I’ve made CSRs cry by the time I was done with them) I also like to make sure to give proper kudos to companies who do right by me.

As I reported almost two weeks ago, my Xbox 360 Elite (which was a launch “Elite”) decided it no longer liked me and show me how it felt about me with three flashing red rings. I admit, I was miffed. In fact, when I purchased all three of the current generation consoles I could have been quoted over a dozen times in saying “10:1 says the Xbox goes first”. Well, sadly, on that fact I was right. But Microsoft has treated me with great care, something that shocks me as I’ve had a lot of negative to say about them in nearly 10 years of IT work.

I shipped my 360 Elite out on 4/14 to be repaired. I asked very politely (something unusual from me in moment like that) if, due to the usage of the unit, an expedite could be placed on the repaid of the unit. It is now 4/24 and my 360 Elite should be here within the hour (my usual delivery time for UPS). Excluding weekends it took Microsoft a whopping 9 days to resolve my issue and this includes shipping time. So for all of you out there who think I play favourites let me go on record as saying “Microsoft, you rock.”

PS- I opted to keep the Xbox 360 Arcade unit I purchased to replace the missing Elite model because, well, I can and I think Microsoft earned the business. That brings the tally in my home office to: 3x Xbox 360s, 2x PS3s, 2x DS Lites, 1x PSP Slim, 1x Wii, 2x Gaming Laptops, 2x Gaming Desktops and a Macbook Pro. At this moment, I am very happy I live so close to the Hoover Dam (don’t ask what the monthly electricity bill is…don’t).

Because I Give Credit Where It Is Due…

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009 by Ryan L. Lopees

While Asus may be a steaming pile of corn-laden fecal matter, I’d like to at least take the time to acknowledge Microsoft and their speed of service. Last week you may have caught my post about my 360 Elite unit taking a RRoD vacation. Well, Microsoft received the unit on Monday morning, repaired the unit (upgraded it actually) and shipped it out yesterday, Tuesday that is (pardon my night owl habits).

It took Microsoft all of 1 business day to resolve my 360 issue. Sure, I have to wait for UPS to deliver it, but that won’t take too long. In the end, I like to cast a silver lining on clouds when possible. Asus may have taken a dump, but Microsoft handled things a hell of a lot faster than I expected and I appreciate it.

My Kingdom for a Real Laptop Company

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009 by Ryan L. Lopees

So it’s official, I am swearing off Asus as a company on the whole. Why? Sure, they make some decent products time to time. However, a man has limits which can be passed when it comes to inept service. Normally I wouldn’t just complain about my personal service issues, but as a consumer product review writer I feel obliged to let readers know what they can expect from companies. Read on to see why I’ve had it up to here with Asus.


Sessler’s Collection Addiction

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 by Ryan L. Lopees

 Check this out! Adam’s NOT mad this week! Well, frustrated maybe, but not mad at the very least. I have to say that I can feel his pain here given the fact that this Sess-Feed was emailed to right at the same time that I am working my way through Resident Evil 5 (Yes, the review will be up soon. No, I don’t agree with Adam’s review of it either.) looking for all the BSAA emblems.


Soapbox Round Up

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 by Ryan L. Lopees

This week, Adam shares his views on M-Rated games and the wee little people. Personally, I think it’s up to the parents to be involved in their kids lives. Am I the only one who thinks that it seems like everyone and their sister/brother is looking for someone else to blame the problems of today’s kids on other than where that blame should really lie: the parents?

Of course, I think there are “some” types of games that should be off-limits. The problem is that an “M” rating is a pretty general scope. What’s “M” about it? I know, they add some reasons for the M rating on the box but again, it is just to broad of a label to me. Look at the difference between Grand Theft Auto 4 and The Lost and The Damned alone. Same game (and expansion) but you can certainly see that The Lost and The Damned is REALLY not geared for young ones whereas GTA4 itself was a lot more moderate when compared to the DLC.

Either way, if the parents are involved is it really a problem? Or is the issue more that many parents want to toss the controller in the kids hands so they can walk away and do whatever it is they want? Your call.