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MMOWTF - World of Warcraft: Cataclysm = new expansion

Friday, August 21st, 2009 by Zach Potts


Today at Blizzcon, Activision/Blizzard announced the newest expansion to their insanely popular MMO, World of Warcraft, entitled Cataclysm.

Like previous expansions, Cataclysm will offer players a variety of new things, from races, combinations, and places to explore. Cataclysm will make available the Goblin race to the Horde, and Worgen race to the Alliance, as well as allowing Tauren Paladins, Human Hunters, Night Elf Mages.

The level cap has also been raised to 85, as well as the addition of new skills and places to travel and explore.

No set date yet for the expansion, but look for it in 2010.

Gamescom Videos

Thursday, August 20th, 2009 by Zach Potts

Lots of stuff going on at Gamescom over in Germany, and instead of making a million posts with a ton of videos, I’ll just post them all here. So, go take a look at some cool trailers and gameplay for a variety of games, from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, to Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, after the jump.


PlayStation 3 Slim: Confirmed

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 by Zach Potts

Today at Sony’s Press Conference at Gamescom in Cologne, Kaz Hirai made the official announcement for the PS3 Slim, and it’s coming out sooner than you might have expected.

Yeah, they’re pulling an Apple, making the PS3 Slim available worldwide by September 11th of 2009. The date will vary by region, but they will all be available by the 11th for a low,low price of $299.

The unit will feature all of the same functions as the regular PS3’s, with a 120gig hard drive. The unit is also 34% lighter and consumes 34% less power.

And if you’re thinking you don’t like the slim for whatever reason, you can also pick up a regular PS3 for the same price, $299.

With a price drop like this, it’ll be interesting to see how the PS3 sells….very interesting indeed.

Cleopatra Review

Thursday, August 13th, 2009 by Zach Potts

Title: Cleopatra
Publisher/Developer: IGT / Million-2-1
Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch
Release Date: 8/3/2009
Number of players: 1

Cleopatra, the world famous video slot game, is now able to be taken with you on the go with your iPhone or iPod Touch. The ability to play some slots while on the bus or whenever you have a few minutes is now in the palm of your hand, where you can experience the thrill and enjoyment as if you were at an actual casino. But just how well is this feeling replicated? Read on to find out.


Cleopatra available on iPhone/Touch

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009 by Zach Potts

Cleopatra, the famous slot machine, is now available on the go with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The game supposedly replicates all the fun and style of its real-life counter-part, giving players a fun, addictive experience they won’t want to put down.

I’ve received the game, and will review it shortly, so stay tuned for that, but until then, check out the official trailer. You can pick it up now via the App Store for an affordable $1.99.

Capcom to release Platinum Hits Triple Pack

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 by Zach Potts


Come September 8th, you will be able to pick up 3 of the best games from Capcom for your Xbox 360 for a low, low price of $39.99 TOTAL. This bundle features Dead Rising, Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions - Colonies, and Devil May Cry 4. That’s a pretty damn good deal. Hopefully more companies will follow Capcom’s lead; that would be awesome.

Second Skin takes a look at Gamers

Monday, August 10th, 2009 by Zach Potts

“Second Skin”, the third film in SnagFilms.com’s SummerFest, follows the lives of seven unique gamers as they discuss the games they play, and how the are transformed by doing so. The documentary features a variety of gamers, from obsessed MMO-players to disabled individuals, and how some can find love.

The film has snagged a few awards here and there, and has been featured on all sorts of television shows and film festivals, so if you want a chance to watch the film, you better head over to snagfilms.com. “Second Skin” will only be available to watch this Monday-Thursday. Better hurry.

And here’s a short trailer to entice you to watch the whole thing when you get some spare time (film runs 95 minutes long).

Spyborgs’ Combo System Footage

Friday, August 7th, 2009 by Zach Potts

Check out the latest video from Capcom, featuring the combo system in the upcoming Wii brawler, Spyborgs, releasing on September the 29th.

New Street Fighter Board Coming to ZEN Pinball

Thursday, August 6th, 2009 by Zach Potts


Yes, that kung-fu looking guy on the icon yesterday for ZEN’s game wasn’t just anybody, but indeed Ryu from Street Fighter. ZEN has partnered with Capcom to release a Street Fighter board for their ZEN Pinball game on the PS3.

No real details aside from the fact that it will be coming out sometime this month and that it will sport tons of your favorite Street Fighter Characters.

Stay tuned for more information.

ZEN Studios to Announce Secret Game Tomorrow

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009 by Zach Potts

ZEN Studios is planning to announce a new game come tomorrow, via Sony’s Official Blog, I was told earlier today by a PR Representative.

Given ZEN’s track record for games, as well as the following image, we can safely assume it is a pinball game. I’ve only played their pinball games on the iPhone, but even those were pretty fun, realistic, and had crazy boards, so I can only imagine what they could do with some more powerful hardware.

ZEN has already released a pinball game on the PS3, so it could be an expansion, or perhaps something entirely new.

Take a look at the teaser logo and guess for yourself.