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Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors Review

I was a little bit excited when I got Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors in, as I was expecting to settle down with a casual adventure/beat-em up, but soon after I started playing, I realized it was only the latter; a beat-em up, and not the good kind.

The game features two sections; the main game, if you can call it that, and the versus mode, which you and your friends can play, but I don’t know why you would put your friends through such torture. The story mode contains 7 stages in which you can play with any of 4 characters, including your favorites from the movies, and you can even play some co-op if you like. Each of these characters does play a little differently, but they are all controlled the same way. There are some variations in the moves you can perform, but essentially, you just wave your wii remote around to attack, with a few combos you can through with the nunchuk and things of that nature, but you will basically be swinging your remote around like crazy. There is also this Chi meter, which fills up as you deal out damage, and when it gets full, you can perform this chi attack on an opponent, and when you complete 3, you can perform this rabbit attack, which puts this swirling barrier around you to automatically hurt enemies for a few seconds. You can learn all of this in the short tutorial, but you won’t really need to remember anything other than swing the remote like crazy.

All of the 7 levels play exactly the same; defeat a bunch of the same character-type, play a stupid mini-game, and then fight boss of the same enemy-type. You do this over and over again, and the mini-games are the same as well, or at least their implementation; one part has you drumming the nunchuk and remote as fast as possible, while another has you putting your character into a specific area for a number of sections. Another aspect of the game is outlining certain symbols to use for your chi moves as well as being implemented into the mini-games sometimes. Generally, it ends up working, and isn’t in the least difficult, except that the game doesn’t always pick up what you are doing and it can become frustrating.

Each level also gives you a rating at the end, based on time, max combo, and if you revived. Revives are basically the way of saying, “hey, you can’t die…ever.” Once you do run out of health, you simply shake the pair of controllers like crazy and you get all your health back. The max combo you need to get increases each level, and the opponents typically get stronger, but not particularly more difficult to defeat. If you do manage to get A’s in ever level though, you’ll unlock the Master Story Mode, and then Legendary Story Mode, where you can play through the same levels again; joy.

So, like I was saying, the game features absolutely no exploration, adventuring, or platforming. You go from level to level, progressed by a nicely presented cutscene, with narration from Jack Black, which is pretty much the only thing done well in the game, and then are placed in another confining arena where you battle these enemies, which just circle you and wait for you to pummel them, and then play the stupid mini-game and fight the boss. I’m not really familiar with the movie, but I’m fairly certain this game doesn’t follow the movie’s story, and has this tiger guy, Tai Lung I believe, trying to take over this peaceful village populated by rabbits to power this machine that will steal the Furious Five’s chi so he can become super powerful.

If you do happen to get through the story mode and feel like you haven’t gotten enough of the game, then you can play the versus mode, where you can choose from 16 characters and 11 stages to play on, either in a battle royal or in teams, where you simply beat the crap out of each other like in the story mode. There is even some connectivity with the superior DS version where you can unlock some more characters.

Look. This game is crap. If you are a younger gamer, you may find something appealing about this game, but I can’t imagine what it would be. The fighting is uninspired and overall crap, with a few glitches and bugs scattered about, with fairly crappy graphics and no depth. There are a few special moves and differences in character techniques, but there isn’t anything strategic about it, and you can complete the game by jumping about and swinging your remote around. The game isn’t fun and you’ve experienced everything there is to experience in 10 minutes. There is simply no reason for this game and no point in purchasing or playing it. Just do yourself a favor, and pass.

-Decent voice work
-When it was over

-Lack of variety
-Mindless gameplay
-Simple design
-Lack of fun

Overall Score: 4/10

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4 Responses to “Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors Review”

  1. gymnast says:

    i have a question for kung fu panda on nintendo ds when po is at the place there is a log tied onto 2 strings and it is going back and forth and there is no door to keep going. HELP ME WHAT DO YOU I DO, DO I NEED TO BREAK THE WOOD SOMEHOW PLEASE HELP ME THANKS

  2. Zach Potts says:

    I don’t know, but I would suggest looking at GameFaqs.

  3. bun says:

    youre a crappy idiot. this game is fun

  4. Bun, play nice. I don’t tolerate unwarranted namecalling here. If you disagree, that’s great. If you continue to insult people I will be forced to ban you from the site.

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