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We’ve all heard about one anti-video game bill after another at some point in our lives. 99% of the time they are rediculous, extermist crap and that is what I will frankly call them. However, I pose a question to you: Have you ever done anything to personally combat these unfair bits of legislature? If the answer to that question was yes, kudos to you for being heard. If the answer was no, then don’t come crying to me when you can’t have anymore Hot Coffee. But what about if your answer was, “I would love to, but how can I?” There’s an answer now…

The Video Game Voters Network , the VGVN for short, is your soapbox now and even easier to get to as well. Here’s some news from the ESA:

“Over the last few years, when anti-video game threats arose, ten of thousands of Americans have voiced their opposition through the Video Game Voters Network (VGVN), videogamevoters.org.

Now, the VGVN is taking the fight to Facebook by organizing the Video Game Rally, a new Facebook application that enables anyone passionate about video games (gamers, retailers, developers, and parents) to take actions to defend video games, spread the word, and win prizes. Check it out at http://apps.facebook.com/videogamevoters

At the Video Game Rally, users are prompted to sign a Petition to Defend Video Games. They can earn points for a range of actions they take and even for actions from their recruits. The leader of the Rally’s Leaderboard will win a game console of their choice.

The Video Game Rally is a new way for the gaming community to stay vigilant in case any anti-video game threats emerge on the local, state, or national level.”

So get on there and get heard, people. Remember, if no one else is going to defend your rights then it is up to you to put the controller down and do it yourself!

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