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Pokemon Platinum Review

Title: Pokemon Platinum
Developer/Publisher: Game Freak / Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Release Date: 03/22/2009
Number of Players: 1, 2 local/online

Pokemon Platinum is the reinvention of both Pearl and Diamond which came out a few years ago for the Nintendo DS. Platinum does what Yellow, Crystal, and Emerald did before it, and combines the two games of the generation, while adding a handful of new features and elements. What all has changed and is it worth your time and money?

Well, the answer to its worth depends on what kind of fan or gamer you are. If you are a hardcore Pokemon fan who must have every Pokemon game that comes out, then the answer is obvious. For the casual player though, who happened to pick up Pearl or Diamond, the answer there is a resounding no. If you just think Pokemon is fun and just got to the end and quit playing, then you won’t have a fun time playing Platinum, as it is essentially the same game you already beat. However, if you didn’t get either of the two previous games, and want to jump back into the series, then Platinum is the perfect game to do it with.

The first thing that is obvious about the game is that it features the same storyline that Pearl and Diamond did, as well as takes you around the same locales and towns around the Sinnoh Region. The plot still follows you going around Sinnoh, helping Professor Rowan with his research while becoming a Pokemon master and thwarting Team Galactic’s plan to capture legendary Pokemon to transfer the region into a “utopia”. While the overall story is the same, some of the dialogue has been changed to keep it fresh, and trainers have changed as well. While you will face the same trainers and gym leaders, their lineup of Pokemon is different.

There is even a new character, or a few perhaps. The one I can think of is this international detective who pops up every few towns you reach to give you advice or items. His tips are actually rather useful and he guides you through a few confusion areas where you may have gotten lost in the past. Also, one notable item you receive from him is the Vs. Recorder which records your battles. Using it, you can keep a video record of off and online battles which is really cool. Another new feature is the Wifi Plaza, where you can play a few mini-games and a few other activities which are….fun…maybe…not so much.

The main addition to Platinum is the inclusion of the Distortion World, which is a new area that has you jumping from platform to platform and walking on walls and stuff. The entire area is a 3D labyrinth, where you’ll battle certain person as well as have a chance to capture Giratina. It’s an interesting area, but not worth the purchase in and of itself.

Other than that, mostly everything else is the same as it was in Pearl and Diamond. The touch controls are still present, as is the Poketech on the bottom screen. You’ll be going through the same areas and accomplishing the same goals. Obviously, it is just another Pokemon game, so all of the familiar dynamics and tactics remain, and your overall goal is to capture a ton of Pokemon and build/level them up by fighting wild Pokemon or taking on trainers. There are also plenty of distractions and side-quests you can take part in, like breeding, planting seeds, entering contests, and more.

The Review

The story follows a young trainer as he or she puts a stop to Team Galactic’s evil plot, while helping professor Rowan and becoming a legendary trainer. Meh, it’s pretty much the same as it’s always been, but we don’t really play Pokemon for its epic story.

The gameplay is basically the same as it’s always been. Again, Pokemon hasn’t changed much over the years, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s a great RPG that’s simple enough to understand, but provides plenty of depth if you want to get into it. Being on the DS, there are simple touch commands that can be used, and a variety of new elements this generation has to offer.

This area isn’t too impressive, but there are plenty of little beats to pick up on, as well as annoying screams from dying Pokemon; poor little fellas.

The graphics are decent enough; little sprites walking around the map, looking like they always have, while the battles feature pleasing visuals and effects.

The Good:
Good ole Pokemon action. It’s simple, it’s fun. What’s not to like?

The Bad:
If you’ve played Pearl or Diamond, there isn’t much else to see here.

Pokemon Platinum is a great game, like its predecessors, and if you’re a fan, you will assuredly enjoy it. Not too much has changed in the series, but there are some added features here and there. If you’ve played Pearl or Diamond, there isn’t anything too amazing to warrant a purchase, but if you are an uber fan, then you’ll already have bought it. If you don’t have a DS installment though, then now is your chance to pick up a great title, with online play as well.

Final Vote: 4/5

What Others Thought:
TestFreaks: 8.9/10
MetaCritic: 8.2/10
GameRankings: 8.3/10

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One Response to “Pokemon Platinum Review”

  1. andrew says:

    i heard that the game is fun but i have never tried it.

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