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Dante's Inferno in Review

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Bioshock 2 - In Review

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Bayonetta - In Review

Those fingers through your hair. That sly come hither stare...

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Darksiders - In Review

War! Uh. Good God y'all!

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VGA 2009

Spike's choices... and ours.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy in Review

I think we have a different definition of the word "Final"...

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PC in Review

I'm not sure how I feel about being with a guy nicknamed "Soap" in the showers...

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 in Review

Seriously, no jokes about my catch phrase. "Flame on!" isn't that bad, right?

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Beatles Rock Band in Review

There's nothing you can do that can't be done.

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ColorZ in Review

Look at all the pretty colors!

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Defense Grid: The Awakening in Review

What's worse? Aliens, smart ass A.I. or knowing your going to be dealing with both?

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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel in Review

You're a fallen diety? Well, so long and thanks for all the fish!

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Posts Tagged ‘Bioshock’

Review - Bioshock 2

Friday, March 12th, 2010 by Mark-12


Title: Bioshock 2
Developer/Publisher: 2k Games
Platforms: PC, XBox 360, PS3
Release Date: 02/09/10
Number of Players: 1 player campaign, 2-10 player multiplayer

It is time, boys and girls, to return to Rapture. This time, however, we’re visit the idyllic city as one of its protectors, a Big Daddy. Although years have passed since the original Bioshock, the world hasn’t changed much. The Splicers still rule the streets of Rapture and are on their eternal hunt for Adam, Little Sisters and their Big Daddies can be found harvesting it from corpses and there are plenty of cameras, vending machines and turrets to be hacked. The game opens with you, as a Big Daddy, following your Little Sister through a cocktail party and the city of Rapture looks bright and new to you. As she races ahead of you and out of sight, you hear her scream for you. Your arrival finds a few local residents trying to harvest her for ADAM. Like any good protector, you swoop in and squish the evil ne’er do wells, saving your ward. The antagonist of the game, Sofia Lamb, arrives at this point and takes you Little Sister and orders you to take a pistol and kill yourself. Congratulations, you’ve lost the game…not really, of course. You wake up in front of a Vita-Chamber about 10 years later and it seems you’ve missed the Fall of Rapture. Welcome back to Rapture.


Bioshock PS3 DLC Heading November 20

Saturday, October 18th, 2008 by Zach Potts

According to 2K Games, the first downloadable content for Bioshock on the PS3, “Challenge Rooms”, will be available on November 20th.

Challenge Rooms is a compilation of areas that house a puzzle or set of puzzles which must be completed in a certain amount of time.

No price has been announced, but keep looking at GamersPlatform for all your Bioshock needs.

Should we expect the Challenge Room DLC to arrive on the XBOX 360?

Bioshock PS3 Patch Official

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 by Matt Cross

As previously reported here, 2k Games were aware of some technical glitches in the Bioshock PS3 demo, and have officially announced that there will indeed be a patch to fix these errors!

2K Community Manager Elizabeth Tobey, via a post on the 2K forums, has said they were are working on a few other things to be fixed with this patch, and therefore no date has been officially set as of yet.

As of now, the official list of things to be fixed:

- Fix for an issue where large blocky pixels would show up whenever viewing the Bouncer and Elite Bouncer variants of the Big Daddy.

- Fix for an issue where white/discolored bars would show up at the right and bottom sides of the screen during the plane crash / water scene at the beginning of the game.

Hey those sound like things we reported!

BioShock (PS3) Demo Impressions

Sunday, October 5th, 2008 by Matt Cross

Just a little while ago, I finished the demo for the upcoming PS3 release BioShock, and was just as impressed as I was the first time. Most gamers are already familiar with this game, having already been released on the Xbox 360 (not to mention the hype train its riding for its upcoming PS3 release). But for those of you who don’t own a 360 and are anticipating this one, I think you’ll definitely be pleased.

You begin play aboard an airplane, flying to who-knows-where. As you look through your belongings and a voice over plays, the plane suddenly goes in to a nosedive and crashes in the middle of nowhere. Or does it? After struggling to the surface, the game play officially beings as you work your way in to what will soon be known to you as the underwater city of Rapture.


Cheap Exceptional XBOX 360 Games

Saturday, September 13th, 2008 by Zach Potts

With our current economy, money will be pretty tight for some of us and not a lot of us will be able to spend money on a new game. With Christmas approaching in less than 110 days, you might be getting an XBOX 360 but are wondering what are the best but cheap affordable games out there?

Alright folks, as early Christmas shopping tips, we’ll let you guys know what some of the games that have been a hit but can be pretty cheap and very affordable for everyone! The following prices range from $39.99 and below!


BioShock: 5 GB!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 by Daniel Sandoval

PS3 owners get an early fright this fall. BioShock (2K Games) will feature a binding 5GB install. Ouch. The 2007 Game of the Year will contain a Survivor difficulty mode, trophy support, and new game sunbstance entirely for the PlayStation 3. Also following release the Challenge Rooms will be downloadable through the PlayStation Network.

BioShock is at this time set to release on October 21, 2008.

Bioshock PS3 Trophies Confirmed

Monday, July 21st, 2008 by Zach Potts

2K Games has announced today that Bioshock for the Playstation 3 will indeed support the Trophy System. 2k Games Marin has stated that the Trophy system will give gamers an opportunity to explore Rapture and spend time with the game through modifying weapons, hacking, and a lot more. Of course, a trophy will be given to those who desire to explore Rapture.

There are of course several kinds of trophies that you can get. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Trophies. Each of them has a difficulty in achieving but the Platinum Trophy will require you to stare at Big Daddy without shivering.. are you ready?

BioShock for the PS3 Confirmed?

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008 by Zach Potts

We all know this has been talked about when BioShock was such a big hit for the XBOX 360 a couple years back and hints on the coding of the game give gamers an insight that a PS3 version of the game is coming. However, 2K Games and Take Two Interactive denied this allegation and rumor so the news about BioShock coming for the PS3 died.

Just this morning, a rumor in the latest issue of UK’s PSM magazine have the game featured on the front page. have stated that screenshots and a preview of impressions of the game will be featured in the magazine.

Now, could the BioShock PS3 version of the game be better than its predecessors?