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E3 09: Wet Hands-On

Saturday, June 6th, 2009 by Zach Potts

Another game that Bethesda was showing off behind closed doors was Wet, which will have you playing as Ruby, a foxy assassin armed with a couple pistols and a sword. The game is going for that 70’s motion picture vibe in art direction, so during cut scenes you’ll see a lot of burns and tears and things of that nature. You could compare it to a Grindhouse or Kill Bill in some aspects.

Gameplay wise, the game is focused on gun slinging in slow motion, as you perform crazy-cool acrobatics, taking out enemies left and right. You can jump into the air or dive and have free motion, aiming anywhere around a room that you like, with Ruby tilting or maneuvering how you like, with ease. As you focus on an enemy and begin to fire, the game will automatically go into slow motion, returning to normal after you’ve finished firing. Also, because you have two guns, you can automatically target one enemy, and then aim for another to fire at two.