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Review - Bioshock 2

Friday, March 12th, 2010 by Mark-12


Title: Bioshock 2
Developer/Publisher: 2k Games
Platforms: PC, XBox 360, PS3
Release Date: 02/09/10
Number of Players: 1 player campaign, 2-10 player multiplayer

It is time, boys and girls, to return to Rapture. This time, however, we’re visit the idyllic city as one of its protectors, a Big Daddy. Although years have passed since the original Bioshock, the world hasn’t changed much. The Splicers still rule the streets of Rapture and are on their eternal hunt for Adam, Little Sisters and their Big Daddies can be found harvesting it from corpses and there are plenty of cameras, vending machines and turrets to be hacked. The game opens with you, as a Big Daddy, following your Little Sister through a cocktail party and the city of Rapture looks bright and new to you. As she races ahead of you and out of sight, you hear her scream for you. Your arrival finds a few local residents trying to harvest her for ADAM. Like any good protector, you swoop in and squish the evil ne’er do wells, saving your ward. The antagonist of the game, Sofia Lamb, arrives at this point and takes you Little Sister and orders you to take a pistol and kill yourself. Congratulations, you’ve lost the game…not really, of course. You wake up in front of a Vita-Chamber about 10 years later and it seems you’ve missed the Fall of Rapture. Welcome back to Rapture.


Because I Give Credit Where Credit is Due… Part Deux

Friday, April 24th, 2009 by Ryan L. Lopees

While I am known for my profane tirades when dealing with electronics manufacturers who fail me (see- Alienware, Asus, HP, Dell… oh the list could go on forever) and I am definitely one of “those” consumers who you absolutely hate have call you if you are some hapless Customer Service Representative (Yes, I’ve made CSRs cry by the time I was done with them) I also like to make sure to give proper kudos to companies who do right by me.

As I reported almost two weeks ago, my Xbox 360 Elite (which was a launch “Elite”) decided it no longer liked me and show me how it felt about me with three flashing red rings. I admit, I was miffed. In fact, when I purchased all three of the current generation consoles I could have been quoted over a dozen times in saying “10:1 says the Xbox goes first”. Well, sadly, on that fact I was right. But Microsoft has treated me with great care, something that shocks me as I’ve had a lot of negative to say about them in nearly 10 years of IT work.

I shipped my 360 Elite out on 4/14 to be repaired. I asked very politely (something unusual from me in moment like that) if, due to the usage of the unit, an expedite could be placed on the repaid of the unit. It is now 4/24 and my 360 Elite should be here within the hour (my usual delivery time for UPS). Excluding weekends it took Microsoft a whopping 9 days to resolve my issue and this includes shipping time. So for all of you out there who think I play favourites let me go on record as saying “Microsoft, you rock.”

PS- I opted to keep the Xbox 360 Arcade unit I purchased to replace the missing Elite model because, well, I can and I think Microsoft earned the business. That brings the tally in my home office to: 3x Xbox 360s, 2x PS3s, 2x DS Lites, 1x PSP Slim, 1x Wii, 2x Gaming Laptops, 2x Gaming Desktops and a Macbook Pro. At this moment, I am very happy I live so close to the Hoover Dam (don’t ask what the monthly electricity bill is…don’t).

It’s Gold Time for Velvet Assassin

Friday, April 24th, 2009 by Ryan L. Lopees

With a show of new screeshots, Southpeak’s sexy spy seductress has slipped its stealthy self off onto the presses. That’s right, I like rampant alliteration. But who cares about that? It’s time to slip into the skin tight pants of Southpeak’s new assassin as Velvet Assassin has officially gone gold, set for its release date of April 30th on the Xbox 360 and Windows PC. From what I’ve seen so far, there are definitely less attractive ways to die…


The Witcher Enhanced Edition Review

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 by Ryan L. Lopees

Title: The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
Publisher/Developer: Atari/CD Projekt RED STUDIO
Platforms: Windows PC
Release Date: 09/16/2008
Number of players/Multiplayer: Single-player

Now, normally I don’t review titles that have been out for over a year. However, there’s always the stray “expansion” to review. Oddly enough, I can’t place The Witcher: Enhanced Edition in either of those categories. I know we’re a bit late to the party when it comes to getting the review out, but quite frankly this is one of those rare-gem games that deserves a little extra special treatment from me. Certainly as you can tell by my opening I am going to have a lot of good to say about The Witcher in general. So let’s go ahead and dive into this review head first. Bear with me now; this is going to be a long one as I am effectively going to cover two games in one here.


Left 4 Dead PC Review

Saturday, December 20th, 2008 by Ryan L. Lopees

These are people who have died, died!

Title: Left 4 Dead
Publisher/Developer: EA/Valve and Certain Affinity
Platforms: Windows PC, Xbox 360
Release Date: 11/18/2008
Number of players/Multiplayer: Single-player, 4 player Co-Op online, 4 player Versus online

Yup. that’s right, it’s time for me to review the newest dead-heads to the party. As if you couldn’t have seen this one coming. If you’ve know my tastes slightly, you knew I was going to chew into this game’s brains like a hungry zombie at a buffet. Left 4 Dead hit us just a scant, few weeks back and there’s are hordes of us already addicted. Why? Well if you are asking that question then, as much as I hate to tell people to leave the site, stop reading this and get the game for yourself. That is, of course, if you like first-person shooters and non-stop, heart-pounding, bloody action. This is going to be one of my longer reviews, but that is simply because I can see players still playing this game for a long, long time. It’s amazing to me how deep the game is without actually having that much depth.


The Last Remnant coming to Windows Spring ‘09

Monday, December 15th, 2008 by Zach Potts

According to Square Enix, The Last Remnant will be coming to Games for Windows this upcoming Spring for North America and PAL territories, with features that were apparently not available on the Xbox 360.

That’s pretty much all the press release said, aside from the basic information, so, just keep your eyes open for more information as the release date approaches.